Why should I join the HFPA?

Continuous education / training in the method of Financial Planning

Update on FP conferences taking place abroad. Presentation of the conferences to members who were unable to attend.

Access to Eficert's European Certifications: SQF4 financial advisor / SQF5 senior intermediary / SQF6 financial planner

Ability to acquire use of software

Preferential treatment of members in all educational programs of EIAS

Privilege card for members and their clientele, following agreements with health providers

Project the FP's role & upgrade his professional prestige

Cross selling

High sustainability index

Satisfied customers

The financial planner is a rapidly developing profession.
In the US alone, the need for financial planners is expected to increase by more than 7% by 2028, according to a survey by the country’s Department of Labor!

*Financial Advisor was ranked #6 in Best Business jobs by U.S. News and World Report in 2020.

In order to become a fellow, a member of the HFPA must::

  1. Be active in the insurance market for at least five (5) years.
  2. To be recommended by two existing members of the Union.
  3. To complete and forward the attached application, accompanied by his CV, to the address: members@hfpa.gr

The application for membership will be discussed at the next Board of Directors upon receipt and the interested party will be notified by the HFPA member manager, for the decision and the further process.

Download the membership application here!