How the F.P. is geting paid


The Financial Planner can be paid in many ways for the services he provides to his client:

  1. Fee based on a study, the amount of which is defined according to the client’s fields of interest to be researched.
  2. With a percentage of the total investment portfolio managed on an annual basis.
  3. Based on commissions from the companies whose financial and insurance solutions the customer will use to meet his needs.
  4. With a combination of all the above

The HFPA is not involved in how its members are paid.

Before establishing a professional relationship with your Financial Planner, you should have a clear understanding of how they will be paid.

The choice of any interested party to work with an insurance intermediary / Financial Planner – a member of the HFPA – is a personal decision in the formation of which the Association has no involvement.